Custom Hand Crafted Lures

These are premium quality hand crafted offshore fishing lures for tuna, cobia, and other deep sea fish. Each custom lures is one of a kind and is created to work optimally in any condition. Decades of experience in fishing for large game fish is used to craft some of the best combinations of colors and materials to help you land that big one!

Green Goblin 13.99 USD
Mad Max 12.99 USD
Emu Flash 19.99 USD
Creamsicle 12.99 USD
Dragon Slayer 12.99 USD
Hogzilla 13.99 USD
Hurricane 12.99 USD
Pop Eye 12.99 USD
Sid Squid 12.99 USD
Green Lure 13.99 USD
Big ben 12.99 USD
Game over 17.99 USD
Sun fire 17.99 USD
Flame 13.99 USD
Man in Black 17.99 USD
Grizzly ben 14.99 USD
Carolina camo 14.99 USD
Unicorn jig 16.99 USD
Pixie 16.99 USD
Humboldt 18.99 USD
Gremlin 14.99 USD
Pink Lady 13.99 USD